Tipo Hatchback

From £ 17,570


Fiat Tipo Hatchback

Petrol & Diesel
95 - 120 HP / 70 - 88 kW
44.8 - 76.3 mpg (3.7 - 6.3 l/100km)
Manual & Automatic - Twin clutch automatic



All the space you need for your life in a practical, elegant and stylish hatchback.

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The Fiat Tipo Hatchback stands up to expectations with its class leading 440 litre boot capacity and rear leg room. All this in just 4.37 metres of length.

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The Fiat Tipo Hatchback is designed to deliver the best comfort to driver and passengers. With its leading rear passenger seat leg room it can easily accommodate five adults. Conveniently store essential items in any of the 9 handy compartments. The best travelling quality, for everyone.

The new Tipo hatchback gives you the very best in space and comfort. Choose from fabric or techno-leather upholstery for supremely comfortable seats.

Functionality is the top priority for Fiat Tipo Hatchback: this is why it has five doors and one of the most generous boots in its class. The 440 litre boot capacity allows for easy entry and exhibits good shape so that you can carry everything you want. The 60/40 rear seat split allows for various configurations, guaranteeing the maximum exploitation of the boot for longer items.

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Technology and Performance


 Get inside the new Fiat Tipo Hatchback and discover the pleasure of state-of-the-art technology with the Uconnect™ 5" touchscreen radio with navigation system, Bluetooth®, DAB, USB and Aux-in and rear view camera. Tuneln and Deezer will provide the best entertainment experience for your favourite tracks.



The MultiJet engine lies at the heart of the Tipo range, and combines sparkling performance with low fuel consumption in all conditions of use. The innovative MultiJet II system manages up to 8 injections per cycle, optimising the combustion, using increasingly advanced technologies such as Injection Rate Shaping (IRS), capable of improving the combustion process, while eliminating noise and reducing emissions.


The range of petrol engines available on the new Tipo offer high performance, great driving pleasure and impressive fuel efficiency.

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Fiat Tipo Hatchback

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